Rain Policy

What about rain?

It is our policy never to cancel a customers order. It is your decision wether or not you wish for us to deliver your party equipment. We are not weather experts and we cannot know how what the weather will be at every location. Some customer want their bounce house no matter what. We just ask that you use commons sense precaution like if it to windy then dont use it.

Havng said that:

Inflatables should not be used during rain, thunderstorms or high winds. If during your rental it does rain,have you and your guest,exit the bounce house wait for the rain to stop. After it stops raining, go inside and dry the unit thoroughly with some towels. Riders can then re-enter the unit. Do not use the inflatable if wind exceeds 15 Miles per hour.


If you wish to cancel you must contact us by no later that 4:00 PM the day before your event. If you do not cancel then you will be required to pay the full amount. If you do decide to cancel then the 25% non-refundable down payment/deposit will be put on a raincheck tied to your email address. You can use this for any future rental for up to one year.
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